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While science is important, Sistrums LSV Therapy programmes are the heart of the system, and are created in collaboration with professional musicians, composers, sound designers and sound therapists with intent and purpose.

Using the latest technology & techniques in sound design, spatial mixing and surround sound, this is a totally new way to experience music where one not only listens but becomes sound. 

Sistrum programs are designed in a series where each program prepares the groundwork for the next. It is recommended to experience them in order and then revisit them in time when needed. Even if a program is experienced more than once, the experience will differ as our experience responds to the current psycho-emotional state of the client.


The 1st series of Sistrum programs are an invitation to take control of our life by creating space for healing by letting go of limiting beliefs and energies so that we connect to our essence - the source of our true power and purpose. 


Each journey is guided with voice and hypnotic suggestions at the beginning and end of each journey. Upon request, it is possible to experience the sessions purely as musical experiences without any voice guidance. 


Program 1 : Creating Space

Composed by Joel Beauchamp, LSV facilitator at the Pyramids of Chi and Laurent Suara, the creator of LSV, this journey invites you to experience the sacred sounds of the Didgeridoo and Gong as full body vibrations. The Gong and Didgeridoo both have a rich spectrum of harmonics and are powerful in shaking up and releasing blocked energies. For first timers, this session is a good starting point to experience deep levels of relaxation and to make space for deeper transformation. 


Program 2 : A New Way

We experience life through our belief system and patterns. Some are supportive and others are not. Through consciously bringing awareness to our unsupported patterns, we have the chance to shift them and bring in a new way of being. This journey was composed by musician and BBC composer Christopher James Harvey, and is guided with NLP hypnotic suggestions to assist the process of releasing limiting beliefs and patterns and implementing new supportive behaviors. 


Program 3 : I Am Love

Created using recordings from Kalilah and Joel Beauchamp, sound healing facilitators from the Pyramids of Chi in Bali, this journey evokes feelings of love and acceptance. Through forgiveness and self-love and acceptance, we have the opportunity to become the highest version of ourselves by allowing the flow of love to come back into our lives. As we do so, we can show up in the world with more presence and a greater sense of purpose and well being. 


Program 4 : Manifestation

A higher intensity journey created by sound therapist and musician Narthel designed to activate and align with the energies of creation. We forget that we are powerful beings, forces of nature, that are able to create our own reality with the power of our mind. An unfocused mind is dis-empowered and distracted. This program is designed to focus the mind and align with the powerful creative energies of the universe to manifest our intentions. 

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