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Benefits of Sound Healing

  • VibroAcoustic therapy (VAT) is the application of sound frequency to the body via vibrational transducer speakers. Extensive research has been conducted on VAT since the early 1980s.

  • 4 channels of surround sound and up to 8 vibro-tactile speakers deliver a variety of sonic experiences as physical vibration through a heated water mattress creating the feeling of being inside the sound.

Some benefits associated with VAT are:

  • Increased blood circulation, lower blood pressure

  • Faster healing, reduction of pain and inflammation

  • Regulation of the autonomic nervous system, reduction of anxiety, better sleep

  • Management of symptoms related to Parkinson’s

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Benefits of Breathwork

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  • AVS is the application of sound and light for brainwave entrainment. By pulsing audio and light signals at certain frequencies, the mind is assisted to enter in a desired brainwave pattern.

  • Synchronized light entrainment technology induces deep states of mental relaxation, clarity, and creativity while inducing closed eye visionary experiences.

Some benefits associated with AVS are:

  • Increased concentration, creativity, perception and memory

  • Overcoming tiredness and exhaustion

  • Increases stress resistance

  • Inducing deep relaxation, meditative and trance-like states

  • Positive effects noted on ADD/ADHD therapy and Alzheimer’s and dementia



Measurement of the psycho-physiological state via GSR (Galvanic Skin Resistance) Sensor enables to Sistrum to measure the effects of a session on a user in real-time.


Through Biofeedback, it becomes possible to assess the inner state of a person through data based measurement of the individual’s psycho-physiological state. This enables a subject to visualize their inner state as an external experience. In doing so, that they can visualize how they react to certain situations, thoughts or sensory inputs and find tools and techniques to regulate their own state of being - taking control of their well being.


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