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Monthly Sound Healing, Breathwork & Meditation - $99

Cabaret Cave Yanchep National Park: Sunday 1pm -3pm

18th Feb / 24th March / 21st April :

Join Kohra & Andrew for a deep journey of self-healing & chakra balancing. Your healing journey begins with shaking to tribal music to release any stuck or unwanted energy. This is followed by a breath journey, breathing in beats to music to clear your thoughts and center your whole body. An amazing experience to connect deeply with your breath and get you into flow states and heart coherence.

This is followed by a chakra balance meditation accompanied with the healing sounds of 19 crystal singing bowls attuned to your chakras. The vibration of the bowls will entrain you from a beta state of awareness to a deep meditative theta state, creating a deep sense of inner calm. You will literally float away on a harmonious sound cloud!

You will then be immersed with the sounds of 10 Symphonic and Planet tuned Gongs. The layers and overtones of the gongs will vibrate every cell of your body, relaxing muscles, releasing emotions, bringing your body back into a deep state of relaxation and clearing your auric field of any unwanted or old energy. Mentally and emotionally the sound of the Gong helps to quieten the mind, physically releasing tension and blocks, stimulating the glandular, nervous and circulation systems as well as breaking up emotional blockages.

The healing sounds of ocean drum, rain stick, solfeggio tuned pipes, chakra & koshi chimes will also be woven into the soundscape to entrain you into a deep relaxation. When you awake, you will feel refreshed, calm, revitalized & energized; this is an experience you will remember... 

Gong Puja: All night Gong Ceremony 

Saturday 9pm to Sunday 7am - Date TBA

Tickets $295


Join us for this extraordinary event to experience profound energetic shifts with the deep healing effects of the Gong. 
A Gong Puja honours & allows space for participants to heal in mind, body & spirit. During a Puja, 10 x 45-minute Gong Sound sessions are played continuously. As you sleep through the night, you will be bathed in the healing sound vibrations from twelve Symphonic & Planetary gongs. Created by Yogi Bajan and Gong Master Don Conreaux, it is believed that a 45-minute Gong session can clear energetic blocks; while 10 consecutive gong sessions can shift deep blockages, allowing for profound & transformational healing. 


What happens during a Gong Puja?

Four Gong players take turns to provide an uninterrupted flow of sound & vibration from 10.30pm until 6am. During this time, you are welcome to rest, sleep or meditate within the Gong space. The Gong Puja promotes a deep sense of peace and well-being, strengthening of the nervous system, balancing of the chakras & increased energy & vitality. Being immersed in the vibrations of the Gong is incredibly relaxing, rejuvenating and creates an opportunity to repair, rebuild, unlock and unblock, expand & create freedom from mental/emotional and/or physical issues. You will be “awake within a dream.” 



9.15pm: Arrive to set up your space
9.30pm: Opening Meditation
10.00pm: Heart opening Cacao ceremony
10.30pm: Gong Puja commences- 7.5 hours of continuous Gong
6:00am: Observe silence; beautiful healing experience to integrate
6:30am: Nourishing breakfast & sharing circle
7.30am: Gong Puja ends

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Monthly Sound Healing & Meditation with Kohra
Saturday 10.30am to 11.45am, $45.00 
24th February / 23rd March / 20th April - Tickets 

Join us for an intimate Sound Healing & Meditation event, surrounded by beautiful nature in the heart of Wanneroo. Be immersed in the healing vibrations of Gongs, crystal singing bowls, monochord, drum & chimes. 


Physically, the Gong produces layers of tones & overtones, vibrating the cells of the body back into harmony. Emotionally, the Gong creates deep relaxation, clears the mind & organizes emotional energy into balance. Spiritually, the Gong helps us to detach from the pressure of the mind through an induced meditative state, offering a connection to the spiritual realm beyond body & mind


As you drop into a deep state of relaxation, you will unwind, release & relax, creating space for new intentions, insights, & a deeper connection to self. You will leave feeling lighter, refreshed, with a newfound sense of clarity. 

Tickets are limited to 8 people for your comfort. Please book in advance to secure your place. A time for self-care & nurturing, time out for you, not to be missed!

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