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"Such a beautiful experience that awakens the soul.

Kohra create a safe and supportive space to grow and heal."


- T.L


Beautiful feedback from last nights Light, Sound & Vibration Meditation -

Transcendental & heavenly sounds / Surround sound was amazing- the music was everywhere / I was immersed completely within the sound / Feel so much lighter & cleansed / Felt like I was up in heaven / I was part of the ocean, within the waves.

This Cacao & Sound Healing event blew me away. So many layers in one afternoon. I laughed, I cried and I danced and sang! Shannon is wild and Kohra is so beautiful. Both so different but both so powerful. I left feeling magical, peaceful and so incredibly empowered. The energy was amazing.
Just go and experience this at least once! What a gift! I know I’ll be back.

Thank you, Shannon, and Kohra!"


When I attended Kohra and Shannon’s Cacao ceremony and Sound immersion, I was unsure what to expect. When we arrived, we entered the cave and it was like another world, so beautifully set up and welcoming. I loved being in a safe space where I could let my walls down. There was a part where we had our eyes closed and danced to some beautiful powerful music and it felt like such a release. The sound healing had me so relaxed I actually drifted off to sleep. I left the event feeling clear and relaxed, it was a beautiful gift to myself and a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Thank you, Shannon, and Kohra for holding space for us


Attended my second Cacao & Sound Healing caves event and again was not disappointed! A safe space with incredible energy and even though I was wary of the dancing component (especially the first time) found it much easier to let go. Lots of healing done, I was so ready for this. Thank you for creating such an amazing event - highly recommended.


Seeing Kohra for Kinesiology and sound healing has played a major part in my journey through healing from grief and trauma, as well as realising my true calling as a healer. Kohra provides a safe, open hearted space for healing and enlightenment and I am forever grateful for how much she has and continues to support me with her amazing abilities.  

-Tessa Lee


To be completely honest, I'm not usually one to make recommendations but in this instance I do so without hesitation. Kohra is amazing! As soon as you walk through the door Kohra will make you feel completely relaxed and at ease. She has a friendly, kind and gentle nature. Her insights are powerful and will help you to open up to uncover any past experiences so you can heal and move forward. She has really helped me in times of need and I believe you will always be in safe healing hands with Kohra.

-Maureen Beckworth


Kohra is a gifted therapist with a wonderfully calm, caring and gentle demeanour which makes you feel at ease as soon as you step into her beautifully appointed consultation room. I have been most fortunate to benefit from Kohra's skill and intuition in a couple of sessions incorporating Kinesiology, Reiki & sound healing. I am already feeling so much better and look forward to my future sessions and continued improvement. Highly recommended!

-Tracey Judd


This was my first time for Sound Healing and I absolutely loved it! To describe how it affected me is just out of this world, the vibrations went all over me and I cannot wait to come back many more times.

Thank you lovely xx  

-Kelly Ribarich


Kohra is the best in the field of Kinesiology I have found and I absolutely love her Sound healing sessions! Highly recommended.  

-Alice Hennessey


What an amazing experience! If you’ve never tried sound healing treat yourself. Better still try Gonging it’s better than a day at the spa. Kohra is a wonderful skilled therapist with a warm and gentle approach.  

-​Vicky Martin


This was the most beautiful experience I have ever had. I feel free of negative energies I have carried my whole life. I came to the retreat with high anxiety and in a tough spot. It was just what I needed to give myself space to move forward.

-Vicky White


I have been receiving Kinesiology treatment from Kohra for approximately six months and it has been nothing short of life-changing. I was already roughly one year into my personal development journey when I started seeing Kohra, but her Kinesiology treatments have absolutely accelerated my healing and naturally complemented all the other aspects of my journey.


I have always been self-aware, but I cannot remember a time that I have felt so in charge and in control of my learning and journey, and at the same time energetic, balanced and grounded. Kohra is so knowledgeable, insightful, warm and genuine, and I always leave my Kinesiology session feeling relaxed and renewed to keep going. I would highly recommend Kohra and have done so to many already!

-Jess Clowe


Kohra is a wonderful Kinesiologist, she is warm, compassionate, understanding, easy to talk to and easy to allow your vulnerability to surface... all important for you to get the most out of your Kinesiology session. Her Gong and Singing Bowl work are absolutely magic also, a real energetic treat to leave you feeling calm and restored. Much gratitude.

-Holley Blossom

Kohra has assisted me through Kinesiology & Sound sessions to get my life back in balance. I was struggling with burn out & adrenal fatigue which left me drained & unable to cope with even the mildest stress. Thank you so much Kohra, and I will look forward to more sessions to keep me in top form xx

Sound Healing Sessions - A magical experience for deep rest, healing and peace. Kohra is a gifted sound healer who weaves her divine energy and love into the sound session. Highly recommended  

-Kat Gregory



Moondyne Convention Centre 2-day retreats


“Utterly relaxing, deeply contemplative and restorative. I found the event, venue and all those attending, like-minded people bringing genuine healing and attention to all involved. It was a wonderful experience and a great pleasure to have attended.


“Meeting Kat & Kohra in a retreat experience is welcoming and safe. I highly recommend the time spent with them and the peaceful Moondyne space. Special thanks to Christine & Peter too. SR

“It was the most wonderful experience & I feel so thankful to Kat & Kohra for bringing me here. I have met some lovely people. This retreat is the proper start of a Yin journey for me TP

Kat & Kohra were great. They complemented each other and their skills perfectly. So welcoming to all, at all levels of yoga, healing & life. Thank you. I have had huge personal growth all weekend.



Such a beautiful experience that awakens the soul. Kat & Kohra create a safe and supportive space to grow and heal. TL

Perfect getaway for self-reflection, just learning to BE in an idyllic location with learned, skilled instructors who are approachable and grounding. Opens up a whole load of possibilities and an opening of the mind.


Leaving the daily stresses behind for 3 days of soothing movements of yin yoga, healing sounds of gongs, self-discovery meditations, mouth-watering food, being among like-minded women in the peaceful setting of Moondyne convention centre is the best gift you can give yourself and an experience everyone needs at least once a year.


This retreat was an amazing and transformative experience. It gets better every time. Let Kat and Kohra guide you on a journey that will change your life and set you free to live the life you want free from thoughts and behaviours that no longer serve your true value and potential. I highly recommend that you take the time to invest in yourself with this ultimate experience of self-care. It is truly worth it!! I cannot wait for the next retreat!!!  


This retreat came at a time I really needed it. I needed me time and to connect with myself again, this is exactly what I got. I felt nurtured and listened too by Kat and Kohra, they are two amazing ladies that work in such harmony together. Thanks, guys :)



Thank you, Kat and Kohra for holding such a relaxing weekend which is so beneficial for my internal and personal growth. The combination of gentle yoga and gonging changed and altered the way I feel about myself. 


The retreat is the ultimate gift of self-love. Let Kat and Kohra remind you to appreciate your being while learning new tools of letting go of the negativity/energy that comes with daily habits/patterns. The most perfect weekend to take time for yourself.


"Utterly relaxing, deeply contemplative and restorative. I found the event, venue and all those attending, like-minded people bringing genuine healing and attention to all involved. It was a wonderful experience and a great pleasure to have attended."

- VM

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