Kohra holds an Advanced Diploma in Functional Kinesiology, as well as a Diploma in Integral Group Sound Healing.  She has worked as a Kinesiologist for several years supporting women in overcoming & managing emotional stress related disorders, to assist in returning to a healthy state of balance. During her 3 years of study in Kinesiology Kohra experienced her first Gong Healing session, and became mesmerized by the healing powers of Sound & Vibration. Her studies in Sound & Vibration began at Echoes Satori in 2016, then went on to include Gong Practitioner training with Gong Master Mehtab Benton & a Diploma in Sound Healing.

Kohra has been facilitating individual and group sound healing sessions since 2017, including Gong Yoga (Yin Yoga & Sound Healing) Yin Pin Gong (Yin Yoga, Acupuncture & Sound Healing) Cacao & Sound Healing, and she has co-hosted numerous residential Wellness Retreats. She is passionate about helping others to discover and create their true power and potential with the healing powers of Sound & Vibration. 

Sound healing is based on the idea that illness or disease is characterized by blockages in our energy channels. When there is a blockage, the organ in question cannot vibrate at a healthy frequency and can develop physical symptoms or illness.  Sound vibration occurs on a cellular level, and can open, clear and recharge the whole body, mind and spirit. Breaking up, dissolving and releasing blockages, improving the symptoms in our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies. It is non-invasive, gentle, yet very powerful!

In January 2019 Kohra attended the Pyramids of Chi in Bali and experienced Sistrum's VibroAcoustic Therapy Beds. This amazing experience of being cocooned in sound with light and vibration had her mesmerized and led to working in conjunction with founder Laurent Novatim to bring VibroAcoustic Therapy beds to Perth.


Previously, VibroAucoustic Therapy beds have only been available in Bali, and Perth is the first city as part of a world-wide launch to receive these amazing therapy beds www.pyramidsofchi.com

As well as holding monthly Cacao & Sound Healing events at the Yanchep Caves with Shannon, Kohra also facilitates individual Sound Healing sessions, Reiki & Chakra Balancing sessions & VibroAcoustic Therapy sessions.


What exactly is VibroAcoustic Therapy? VAT is a multi-sensory immersion for awakening our human potential, using biofeedback driven light, sound & vibration. It consists of -  


  • 4 channels of surround sound & 8 vibro-tactile speakers deliver a variety of sonic experiences, as physical vibration through a heated water mattress creates the feeling of being inside the sound.


  • Synchronized light entrainment technology induces deep states of mental relaxation, clarity, and creativity while inducing closed eye visionary experiences. By pulsing audio and light signals at certain frequencies, the mind is assisted to enter in a desired brainwave pattern. Specially designed audio programmes assist in working towards achieving peak potential.


  • Through Biofeedback, it becomes possible to assess our inner state through data-based measurement of our psycho-physiological state (Galvanic Skin Resistance) This enables a person to visualize their inner state as an external experience, and how they react to certain situations, thoughts or sensory inputs to find tools and techniques to regulate their own state of being for maximum potential.


  • VAT is a totally unique, deeply relaxing multi-sensory healing immersion not to missed!