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The Kasina Mind Meditation System uses advanced brainwave entrainment, with pulsing rhythmic sounds and flashing coloured lights encoded into music. From soothing sounds of nature to electronic tapestries, to embedded binaural beats and isochronic pulses — states of profound calm, tranquility, relaxation & meditation or increased energy, focus and motivation are induced. 


Stunning visual effects are experienced as the light synchronizes with the sound and music, with the illusion of complex, shifting geometrical imagery. This imagery, combined with soothing, flowing sounds, can be so compelling the mind empties of thought & starts to slow down.

This helps increase the brain’s ability to attain a deeper level of meditation while improving levels of depression and anxiety. Manage stress, improve focus, meditate, relax, break undesirable states like anger, and enjoy a visual psychedelic experience. This experience is wonderful for improving well-being and with the potential to open up whole new realms of consciousness that you have never before experienced.



The Light Brainwave Entrainment glasses feature 6 LED colours per eye, creating amazing colours and geometrical shapes that enhance the music. The coloured LED light provides stimulation that can lead to psychedelic patterns that transport your mind to transformative spaces - the best brainwave entrainment possible and is designed so that you can keep your eyes open or closed during a session.


The colours of the lights shine to help stimulate the brain in conjunction with the sounds from the music. Your mind responds by falling into step with the flicker frequency, called frequency following response. The Entrainment glasses react to programmed flashes and deliver a coordinated waxing and waning geometrical display, wrapping your eyes in a spectrum of pure colour that is truly aesthetic.


The lights are effective for accessing all of the brainwave states of Delta 1-3 hertz (Sleep), Theta 4-7 hertz (Relaxation and Creativity), Alpha 8-12 hertz (Presence, Learning and Sports), Beta 13-40 hertz (Thinking and Overcoming ADD/ADHD) and Gamma (Blissing Out). 


The 'sound' part of the experience utilizes binaural beat brainwave entrainment, Quantum Healing Frequencies &  isochronic tone pulses, to lead your mind toward structured ranges of mind states. Surround sound music is played to create blissful states for relaxation, sleep, depression, anxiety, enlightenment, opening the heart, connecting to Spirit, mental clarity, overcoming fear, releasing grief, harmonizing emotions and balancing chakras. Not only is the music healing, but it can transport you into a high state of bliss — including Universal Love and Oneness. 

Music is produced according to ancient and modern science from the field of Sound Healing, tuned to specific archetypal frequencies, such as 432 hertz, that are known to have specific effects physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Binaural Beat Frequencies are used to entrain the brain into a variety of brainwave states. Two frequencies are embedded into the music — one in the left ear and one in the right ear. The brain then creates a third frequency that entrains the brain into Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma. 


Aspects of the Mozart Effect research are used to create focus - these are techniques that use high frequency content and constant change in various musical parameters, as well as repetition to put the analytical left brain to sleep so the creative right brain can take over.  A smooth and consistent musical and energetic flow is created, that taps into the rhythms of the human biosystem, and in alignment with the mathematical patterns found in natural flowing systems in nature and Spirit.



The Sound Lounge has 4 transducers (speakers) embedded inside the mattress, which sends vibrations throughout your whole body. The Sound Pillow, which also has transducers that produce strong vibrations is placed on top of your body, so you are completely enveloped and sandwiched in a field of wonderful vibration, inside and out. 


This creates consistent, stable vibrations to overcome chaotic vibrations physically, mentally and emotionally.  Smooth consistent bass frequencies are played through the speakers in the sound lounge & cushion in synch with the music, vibrating you or a specific part of the body into peace. 

After your Light, Sound & Vibration session you will be bathed in live sounds of 4 symphonic Gongs, Crystal Singing Bowls & Chimes - pure bliss!



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